Our Issues with iPage

Our Issues with iPage

We know that there is no perfect host, but what happened in our case with iPage leaves some questions regarding the quality of its services.

We were thinking about moving another website to iPage, but after this, we will not do it.

At First Everything Worked

We were very happy with our new website that we have created with the website builder.

iPage's WebsiteBuilder
iPage’s WebsiteBuilder

At first, everything worked like a charm, but after about a week problems appeared. We didn’t have much content on it, but it became slow, and when I say slow, I mean really slow. Sometimes it just loaded, and nothing happened. A few times we got a “white screen of death times” and a couple of occasions it was unreachable, so it was down.

It’s Ok, It’s a Cheap Host. Or Is it?

Ok, this is somewhat understandable with cheap hosts, so we thought we would talk to support and figure this out. We tried to call them, but after waiting about fifteen minutes, we abandoned this “project.” Ok, let’s see, live chat. The person on the other end was not really knowledgeable about the things I was telling him. Also, he was very rude in my opinion. Lastly, we’ve sent an email, and we got a response the next day.

How can a so called top web host have such a low-quality service?

One more thing: we’ve chosen iPage by reading a review right here, but it turned out they’ve only experienced the good side of IPage, as they didn’t say anything about the negatives we’ve encountered. So beware.