A Glance at Reseller Web Hosting

A Glance at Reseller Web Hosting

Are you upset with the high hosting fees of the web hosting companies? Do you want yourself on the better side of te deal (like web hosts)? A reseller web hosting account might be a viable solution for you.What 

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is one of the feasible ways to manage several websites with one software solution. To buy a reseller hosting solution, you do not need to be in the hosting industry. You can buy it from any web hosting provider and then can sell it as your own web hosting solution, independently as a reseller. There is no restriction laid down on the amount that you can charge in exchange for web hosting services.

What Kind of Hosting Can You Resell?

As a reseller account holder, you can decide what kind of web hosting you will offer to customers. Ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated and co-location solutions, you can set up various hosting plans. Domain registration is an additional service you can add to your portfolio. It will be a great add-on to your income and will help you build a strong client base.

Centralized Control Panel

You can have strong control of your customers’ hosting packages through a central reseller control panel like WHMCS. The panel will enable you to make changes to hosting features and if needed to even change customer data.

As far as the level of expertise needed to become a reseller, anyone with basic technological know-how and a little grasp of internet marketing can run a thriving reseller company. Other than this, you should obviously have a computer and a stable internet connection to manage customer requests.

To sum up, reseller web hosting offers a complete relief from hefty hosting charges on the one hand and potentially put money in your pocket on the other.