The Best Black Friday Hosting Deals Are Coming

The Best Black Friday Hosting Deals Are Coming

Hey, I just wanted to come up with a short note about the coming Black Friday / Cyber Monday craziness. Technology firms are running the most significant discounts the entire year. You don’t want to miss out.

Do you invest in domain names and hosting routinely? Then this is the chance to go for your money. There are some excellent Cyber Monday Hostgator deals to check out.

If you don’t like Hostgator, there are plenty of others to pick form.

A Glance at Reseller Web Hosting

A Glance at Reseller Web Hosting

Are you upset with the high hosting fees of the web hosting companies? Do you want yourself on the better side of te deal (like web hosts)? A reseller web hosting account might be a viable solution for you.What 

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is one of the feasible ways to manage several websites with one software solution. To buy a reseller hosting solution, you do not need to be in the hosting industry. You can buy it from any web hosting provider and then can sell it as your own web hosting solution, independently as a reseller. There is no restriction laid down on the amount that you can charge in exchange for web hosting services.

What Kind of Hosting Can You Resell?

As a reseller account holder, you can decide what kind of web hosting you will offer to customers. Ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated and co-location solutions, you can set up various hosting plans. Domain registration is an additional service you can add to your portfolio. It will be a great add-on to your income and will help you build a strong client base.

Centralized Control Panel

You can have strong control of your customers’ hosting packages through a central reseller control panel like WHMCS. The panel will enable you to make changes to hosting features and if needed to even change customer data.

As far as the level of expertise needed to become a reseller, anyone with basic technological know-how and a little grasp of internet marketing can run a thriving reseller company. Other than this, you should obviously have a computer and a stable internet connection to manage customer requests.

To sum up, reseller web hosting offers a complete relief from hefty hosting charges on the one hand and potentially put money in your pocket on the other.

Web Hosting Hub Review

Web Hosting Hub Review

Established in early 2001, WebHostingHub has rapidly grown to become a leading force in web hosting. A feature packed plan along with responsive support has made WebHostingHub one of the leading web hosting providers.



WebHostingHub offers an affordable hosting solution that meets many hosting needs. Their all-in-one plan provides plenty of bandwidth and disk space not to mention the many other features included with this plan.

They provide excellent services for customers who are new to the hosting industry as well as those who are moving a website from another hosting provider. WebHostingHub offers several methods of customer support for their clients. They also back their hosting plan through several different guarantees to better ensure that their clients will be satisfied with their services.

Boldgrid, WebHostingHub's Website Builder
Boldgrid, WebHostingHub’s Website Builder

Price and Cost Effectiveness

WebHostingHub offers an affordable hosting solution that starts out as little as $6.95 per month. The hosting plan is a great value and does not skimp on features. The all-inclusive plan offers an unlimited amount of disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth.

A free website builder and a free $70 Ad credit are also provided. Other great e-commerce features are also part of the hosting plan. Other features include but are not limited to CGI-Bin, PHP, MySQL and no limit to the number of email accounts. Hosting clients can host as many as 20 domains for only $6.95 per month, providing even more value.

Whether a client is looking for a host for the first time or moving from a different hosting provider, WebHostingHub offers many benefits for signing up with them. New customers will receive free registration for one domain.

Transfer clients will have their domain name transferred for free and can also renew their domain for life at no charge. WebHostingHub will also provide free transfer of a person’s files from another hosting company.

With WebHostingHub’s ratings as well as quality customer care and excellent hosting services, the WebHostingHub plan is a great value. If someone is not happy with their service, they can cancel within 30 days of signing up. 30-day money back guarantee is offered.


WebHostingHub works to provide reliable hosting services. They use quality hosting servers and equipment. Also, they have generator backups so that the servers can remain online even if the power goes out.

Data backups are also provided through the control panel. The Services are designed to keep websites online. In fact, they can offer a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee to their clients.

Customer Support

The staff at WebHostingHub is knowledgeable and always ready to help. In fact, they make the transition easy for everyone. If someone needs to transfer their files from another host, WebHostingHub is there to help.

Those customers, who are signing up for their first hosting services, can also be assured that WebHostingHub is ready to assist. In fact, WebHostingHub provides 24-hour customer support. Clients can contact WebHostingHub using email support or by calling the toll free support telephone.

Our Issues with iPage

Our Issues with iPage

We know that there is no perfect host, but what happened in our case with iPage leaves some questions regarding the quality of its services.

We were thinking about moving another website to iPage, but after this, we will not do it.

At First Everything Worked

We were very happy with our new website that we have created with the website builder.

iPage's WebsiteBuilder
iPage’s WebsiteBuilder

At first, everything worked like a charm, but after about a week problems appeared. We didn’t have much content on it, but it became slow, and when I say slow, I mean really slow. Sometimes it just loaded, and nothing happened. A few times we got a “white screen of death times” and a couple of occasions it was unreachable, so it was down.

It’s Ok, It’s a Cheap Host. Or Is it?

Ok, this is somewhat understandable with cheap hosts, so we thought we would talk to support and figure this out. We tried to call them, but after waiting about fifteen minutes, we abandoned this “project.” Ok, let’s see, live chat. The person on the other end was not really knowledgeable about the things I was telling him. Also, he was very rude in my opinion. Lastly, we’ve sent an email, and we got a response the next day.

How can a so called top web host have such a low-quality service?

One more thing: we’ve chosen iPage by reading a review right here, but it turned out they’ve only experienced the good side of IPage, as they didn’t say anything about the negatives we’ve encountered. So beware.